Honduras vs. Brazil: Predictions and Analysis

There have been quite a lot of predictions about Brazil match against Honduras, where Brazil is to feature in the international friendly finals on Sunday which will be followed by Copa America at Estadio Jose Pinheiro Borda; Honduras is taking Tite’s side.

Honduras was seen to be working hard, letting go of blood and sweat for CONCACAF Gold Cup, the appearances are managed and they walk into the field with the pressure of losing the previous three matches. The head coach of the team, Tite, isn’t happy with the efforts that the team puts in, because it’s not the skills that make records, it’s the win. The skills win hearts, but the wins make records. Brazil has been evidence to the struggle of recording the victories, even in the matches against minor teams of world football.

Saudi Arabia along with Panama have left behind the following foot mark against the world champions of last five seasons, not only SA and Panama but Qatar is also held in the light as the to-be underdog to gain a remarkable result to be looked at in the eyes of world football when playing against Brazil.

In the World Cup of 2022, it is being predicted that Brazil has marked its territory with the help of two-goal lead, and without any further damage it started becoming better, as with Qatar who saw the reminder ringing during the course of the match.

The head coach Tite, has been through three outings from the month of November and has a perception that his team are still gelling along, although the fan base and all the supporters are reported to be disappointed during the goal with the efforts they’ve put in., Gabriel Jesus and Richardson have been in good form and showcasing efforts for their country. This is essential on the part of the team as the star player Neymar has been absent.

Also, the fact that the defender of Honduras Emilio Izaguirre winning his 100th cap for his national side had two spells with park head club. Hence, has proved to be an advantage to Honduras.