Karagounis pleased with Support from Fulham

Former Fulham midfielder Giorgos Karagounis says that he will always remember the love and support he received from the Fulham faithful.Karagounis is seen as one of the top players who had represented Fulham during the last two decades.

Even though the Greek midfielder was a fading force when he came to the club, Fulham had not witnessed a player of his stature in recent times. The 37-year-old may have appeared in only 39 matches for Fulham, but he is still held in high regard by the fans. Fulham are now playing their football in the Championship after the relegation last season.

Karagounis is no longer at the club as he is now with the Greek national team as the adviser to Claudio Ranieri. He recently spoke about the troubles faced by the club at the start of this campaign, which led to the departure of manager Felix Magath.Karagounis played under Magath briefly last season, but the German manager has received a lot of bad press weird tactics and sentiments. After the recent appointment of Symons, results have improved at the London club.

They still remain within the threat of relegation to League One.Karagounis says that Magath should not be blamed entirely for the relegation and subsequent problems faced at the start of the season.

“The love I got from the fans will always have a special place in my heart.I always hold those kind of memories dear and I will never forget that special devotion. He (Magath) was not ready for that kind of step.

He had different beliefs and it was hard for him to contribute to the team.His ways didn’t help but things were already difficult,” saidKaragounis. He also spoke about the Greek national team and their troubles with having a lot of older players.