Jorge Luis Pinto wants to replicate his achievements with Honduras

The current head coach of the Hondurian national football team is Jorge Luis Pinto but before taking up this position, he had already been in charge of a number of teams and one of those was Costa Rica.

One of the breakthrough nations of the 2014 World Cup was Costa Rica as they came out on top of Group D which was considered to be the: ‘’Group of Death’’ as it had top footballing nations including Italy, England, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Italy and England were the favorites of making it out on top and advancing through but surprisingly enough it was Costa Rica and Uruguay that advanced. Costa Rica reached the quarter-finals and held their ground before eventually being knocked out in a penalty session against Netherlands.

Making it so far in the 2014 World Cup for Costa Rica was a huge feat for them to accomplish as it was the furthest placing that they had ever sealed in their history and Jorge Luis Pinto is hoping that he can do the same thing but with Honduras this time.

The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics is approaching and initiates on August 5, this is the tournament where Jorge Luis Pinto wants to push the Honduran national football team to big feats similar to what he did with Costa Rica during the 2014 World Cup as the 63 year old manager said:

“We are making intense preparation. We want to make a good preseason. Play five or six games before coming to Rio. And may the Olympic tournament in Rio is extraordinary,”

Honduras has to face off with Argentina on May 28 in a friendly match that will Jorge Luis Pinto utilize as preparation for the Rio 2016. The Honduran national football team is also going to be playing against Ecuador on May 30 and will also serve as warm up so that Luis Pinto can test out which players and formation is the best one for his team, these friendly games are especially important taking into consideration that the head coach of Honduras called up 35 players that he is planning to test out and see which one is better for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.