Honduras At A Crucial Stage For FIFA

End of March this year saw Honduras challenge their opposing team El Salvador in what was their second match for the CONCACAF World Cup qualifier rounds.

In the last match both the teams had a draw and the results did not help either of the sides get desired points and weightage.

At the group stage for qualifying in the World Cup both the teams are in the lower half. With three matches remaining for both teams, the pressure is on for sure.

Honduras needs to make big points. It is their home ground as well where they will feel the pressure to perform. It would definitely help them to pick up points as well. Mexico is currently leading, having secured nine points in the qualifying matches. Canada is holding about four points.

Canada fans on the other hand, have been excited about hosting a FIFA World Cup match in the qualifier series. This is the third time it is happening in Vancouver. The crowd has definitely broken records at the BC Place stadium every time matches have been held there. Canada has a tough time ahead as it has suffered losses to Mexico. It will be facing El Salvador on September 6th. Before that they have to beat Honduras in the beginning of the September month.

There is a sore history with Honduras, as in 2012 Canada had suffered losses. It is now tied in the group level with Honduras and is at a crucial stage to qualify for World Cup’s next stages. As a result, the team is focusing on beating their opponent Honduras this time. It would be on their home ground, giving them an advantage. However, gathering of Mexico supporters in Vancouver is large as well. This was evident when Canada played against Mexico.