The Honduras national team manager Fernando Suarez has said that he has complete faith in the technical ability of his team ahead of the matches against Panama and Canada. Mitchel Brown has been called up for the national team and Fernando Suarez has backed the player to perform well in these two matches.

He has also said that the National football Association has been requested to change the dates of the match against canaleros because it would allow the national team more time for preparation. The manager has also rejected speculation that this might be his last match in charge of the team.

He has said that he is more worried about getting the results in these two matches rather than his future. He has said that Mitchel Brown has not been called to the national team just because there is a lack of quality strikers. He has also expressed his confidence that the Honduras national team will be able to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. He has also rejected speculation that partying late in the night has affected the performance of the team. He has said that the physical fitness of the players is extremely good.

“I’m always looking for good, for that reason I am confident that things will work out , regardless of that. Do we have problems? It’s true. My obligation is to ask you to trust these people who is Honduran and no different to what it is the people. If there is support or not ready, no matter. If the latter or not, that is independent, I think not even worth thinking about it, the most important thing today is the country, regardless of who directs, Honduras is the most important,” said Fernando Suarez ahead of the match with Panama.