Pinto receives 4 game suspension

The head coach of Honduras, Jorge Luis Pinto was recently handed a suspension of 4 games after an incident involving him and a match between his team and El Salvador which was played on March 30 of the ongoing year.

In this match between Honduras and El Salvador, there appeared to be an issue going on where Jorge Luis Pinto harshly pulled away Ramon Mariaga during a tense moment in the game and this ultimately concluded with the manager of Honduras receiving a 4 match suspension and he will not be able to be in the sidelines of his national side when they face off with Canada and Mexico in a few weeks’ time.

Both of these upcoming matches are incredibly significant for Honduras as those are World Cup Qualification games but with this recent suspension, Jorge Luis Pinto is not going to be able to guide his team as the manager is not allowed to be on the sidelines.

The match that saw Jorge Luis Pinto pulling away Ramon Mariaga of El Salvador and later on receiving the suspension was another World Cup Qualification match and Honduras did manage to come out on top with the victory as the final scoreboard displayed 2-0 in favor of Honduras.
When it comes to qualifying for the World Cup, Honduras has been struggling to do it on a consistent basis as they failed to do it starting from the World Cup of 1986 until the 2006.

Honduras did manage to reach the group stages in 2010 and 2014 and are hoping to reach the advanced stages of the worldwide tournament in the upcoming 2018 edition of the World Cup.