Honduras Qualifies For U-20 World Cup

Honduras had a busy football game season in November with the CONCACAF tournaments taking place at this time. They made it as the fourth winners here and that has given the national team eligibility to play in FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019. The team could not be successful in qualifying for the continental championship however whose rounds were held in the same month.

Honduras lost to the USA but they were able to hold onto points that were adequate to keep them in the group and retain the second position above Costa Rica. The USA meanwhile progressed to the finals. Honduras has been able to hold onto the qualifying rounds in U-20 World Cup for the previous editions as well in the last seven years. They have to move past the group stage however to showcase progress. There are more games scheduled for the Honduras football team in the coming months and it would give them much needed practice to hone their skills and strategies against their opponents.

Honduras fans had an exciting match to watch in the last part of November this year when they played against Chile. The result was Chile’s win against Honduras but it was definitely a game that saw great performances from both sides. At the same time, there was a friendly game that ensued between Mexico and Argentina where the latter beat the former.

Alexis Sanchez of Manchester United was able to score for Chile that helped them win the game against Honduras. This was the second game where Alexis scored in a row and the final score was 4-1. The forward of Manchester United was thus able to help his team but he also had to save his penalty in which Luis Lopez played a part. Sanchez was able to convert the opportunity as well.